Palpatine is the evil Sith Lord that has been pulling the strings of The Clone Wars.

Sith ApprenticesEdit

Darth Maul- Darth Maul was Palpatine's first apprentice, who wielded a double crimson blade, but unfortunately he was killed by padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi. Oh well, the force calls those must join them...

Count Dooku - Count Dooku is a Sith Lord Tyrranus, and he is also the public leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, or the Seperatists. He carries a curved-hilt lightsaber, and he can shoot lightning out of his fingertips. Sadly, the Count was decapitated in a heated battle with Anakin Skywalker.

Darth Vader- Darth is the badly damaged, twisted, and heck-bent soul of Anakin Skywalker, in a fearful black suit. Darth rules the Empire with the Emperor, reinforcing laws through fear. he carries a crimson blade that resembles Anakin Skywalkers along time ago...

Darth restored balance to the force by killing the Emperor and killing himself in the process, but not before having a meaningful moment with his and Padmé 's only son.